A. Analise From Augustyne’s Wish is the artist of the day



My name is A. Analise, I’m located in CT (Connecticut), and my store name is Augustyne’s Wish. 

How long have you had it?
Almost a full year.


Custom Beaded – Bracelets $4.00


What is your talent and specialty?
Writing, and polymer clay.

What are your favorite pieces from your store and why?.
My favorite pieces would have to be everything! Because it’s all different!

What makes your talent stand out or unique from the rest ?
I think what makes my talent stand out is that I really don’t think until after I’ve started or I come up with a random idea then eventually expand on it. 

Where do you see your store in five years from now?
Hopefully really successful!

What do you wish for in the future? 
To graduate college, and publish my book (almost done with it) -if you’d like to see it www.wattpad.com/story/1362902-emma ^.^


Thank you  so much for allowing me to feature you in my blog.


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