Featured Artist -Katey Carlis

Organic Giraffe Baby Blanket — Personalized Free — Toddler Size with Orange and Teal.
Price: $69

The featured artist of the day is Katey Carlis. Katey is from  Springfield, Pennsylvinia and owns and operate her store, Bankie Baby at www.bankiebaby.etsy.com.  Bankie Baby  has been in existence  since February 2010  “2 wonderful years!” Katey shared with me.

Everyone has something that they feel is their area of  concentration, a passion and what they are to mean’t do with their lives; a specialty that they must share with the world.  I asked Katey what she felt her specialty was and this is what she shared with me:

“ I am an artist and a seamstress with a love of all things organic and all things baby! With these two passions in mind I have created a line of organic cotton baby blankets, with sweet animal designs that celebrate the love between parents and children.  Each blanket is unique and can be personalized with baby’s name for free. “

Super Soft Organic Panda Baby Blanket — Personalized Free — Toddler Size
Price: $89

Katey’s work is indeed beautiful and functional; it’s the perfect match of form meets function. Her baby blankets are gorgeous. The way that she: exquisitely designs her focal points, depicts the special bond in the  relationship between parent and child, the colors and details, all work cohesively to make her baby blankets a work of art. Viewing Katey’s baby blankets, you witness  the love and kindness she infuses into each of her creations.

Organic Baby Blanket — Personalized Free — Toddler Blanket with Tree and Retro Birds Price:$69                                                 www.etsy.com/listing/96145931/organic-baby-blanket-personalized-free www.etsy.com/listing/46340262/hip-organic-elephant-baby-blanket

Artists create from nothingness and know that their creation has a specific je ne sais quoi, niche or a talent; something they can’t really put into words that makes their creation sparkle. Subcutaneously, something that makes their talent so conspicuously inventive,  if their creation were in a room full of 100 hundred things, theirs would surely get your attention first.

Organic Sleepy Owl Baby Blanket — Personalized Free — Toddler Size
Price: $59

I asked Katey what she felt her talent was and she shared with me:

“ My talent rests in creating baby gifts that are soft, organic, cozy works of art. The appliqué animals are characters that speak to both children and parents and remind us of how precious these early years are.”

Organic Fox Baby Blanket — Personalized Free — New Baby Gift in Baby Blue
Price: $59

“I hope that my blankets give people the opportunity to express the love that they feel for the new babies in their lives with a gift that has depth and meaning.”

Katey is accomplishing her goal of empowering  parents (through the medium of her blankets) to be emotionally available for their babies  as they cradle them in very soft, organic, very beautiful fabrics. Bankie Baby helps to keep their baby safe and close to them.

Artists share treasures that are safety locked away in their souls. Therefore, they aspire to make their contribution give meaning to the lives of  others. I asked Katey what she deeply hoped for the future and this is what she shared with me:

“I hope be an active participant in the evolution of my own life (and business!) story and to contribute to the world, community in a meaningful way.”

Katey, thank you so much for sharing your incredibly beautiful and innocent story with me. The work you do gives meaning to the lives of others, You: impress  the fact that  childhood is special,  encourage parents to  stop and take in the magnitude of their rapidly developing baby, and you keep babies’ skin safe with your organic and soft fabrics.

Hip Organic Elephant Baby Blanket — Personalized Free — Eco New Baby Gift
Price: $69

Your blankets also:  aid eye  and sensory development for the babies, as you relax the parent with your peaceful designs in pleasing colors. Your blanket’s patterns encourage babies to: use the tracking abilities of their eyes, they learn to see dimension,  contrasts and in time, touch the different textures that you combine to make your masterpieces. Katey, you are already making your future a reality. Thank you for touching lives and  changing the world around you through the medium of  Bankie Baby:  www.bankiebaby.etsy.com


5 thoughts on “Featured Artist -Katey Carlis

  1. i still have my bankie and im 19 it last a lifetime and my brother still has his and he is almost 25 now its a great investment!! one of the best ever!! love you katey!! your little cuz katya!<3

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