Featured Artist-Shindo – Ki Rodriguez

Welcome to the Platform For Self Expression With Ane’. This is a safe space where artists can share what they are working on for the purpose of freedom of expression.

Today we are honored to have with us  and I’d like to introduce you to Shindo – Ki Rodriguez


Thanks so much What is your name?

My name is Shindo – Ki Rodriguez.


Do you have an artist name or stage name?

I don’t have a stage name.


What is your career or do you have a hobby that you’d like to discuss?

I’m an actor, writer/poet, personal fitness trainer and athlete.


Where did you study this craft and for how long?

Believe it or not I never went to acting school. All my learning was through watching tv and now YouTube.


How long have you been involved in your career?        

The directors I have worked with like working with me because I am a natural. I’ve been acting now for 4 years in counting.


What are somethings that you’ve done with regard to your career?

Most of my work has been in background acting, but I have also done principal roles and speaking roles not through independent filming, but through regular cable stations like Investigation Discovery Channel, Oxygen Channel, Travel Channel. I also created a few movies of my own as well. I went to school at John Jay College of Criminal Justice and graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Police Studies.


As a child what did you want to be when you grew up?

Now many ask why didn’t I become a cop or join the law. I always wanted to be an actor since the age of 5, but my calling didn’t happen until I reached the age of 28. I respect and love the law, but I feel that I am better being an actor. My goal as an actor is to inspire many people around the world. I want the world to know who I am and how I lead by example. There are many bad role models in the entertainment industry. Many that the young and old generation look up to. Many respect artists than they do the law. So I figured why not just be an entertainer myself and balance or bring the greater good in life.


 What was your neighborhood like when you were a child and how did it impact your career ?

Through life, I have seen many bad things. I have also spoken to people in the streets that were leading a bad life. I never really understood why some people turned to drugs, suicide, crime, etc. I don’t really like to discuss my childhood life, but it wasn’t the best. I went through things as well, but I never turned to drugs, suicide, or crime. I turned to God. I prayed and through prayer I stood with the light. I remained being a good person. Now I’m able to travel and inspire many people. For example, I went to my old high school La Salle Academy and did a career seminar. I had the honors of speaking to the children there.


What was the motivating force that lead you down that path?

I know that I can’t change the world, but God has given me the privilege of adding more force to the good. As a Buddhist, I learned to love myself and by helping others I am helping myself. Though I have many fans, I also do have haters as well. My haters live through envy and hate, but there is nothing I can do for them. It is a challenge for me, but I use that challenge as a fuel to keep doing good.


Of the projects that you are currently working on now, which ones are you at liberty to discuss?

I was able to make a few films of my own. The trailers are on my YouTube page. Www.youtube.com/shinbooks Even now I plan to enter bodybuilding competition naturally without using any steroids or any other kind of drug.


What do you see yourself doing in about 3 years from now?

I hope and continue to follow my career and goal down the line until the day of my death. I want people to know me as the man that bought peace to many others lives or at least the hope of bringing peace in many. The entertainment industry is a very hard industry. It is not easy getting featured or getting speaking roles. It is a constant struggle, but I choose not to quit because I love doing what I do best.

Thank you very much for sharing your authentic self with us  and we wish you the best in all of your endeavors!


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