Featured Artist: Tawana Lael

Welcome to the Platform For Self Expression With Ane’. This is a safe space where artists can share what they are working on, and/ or their thoughts on concepts for the purpose of freedom of expression.

Today we are honored to have with us  and I’d like to introduce to you Tawana Lael


What is your name?

My name is Tawana Lael Montgomery

Do you have an artist name or stage name?

I use my first and middle name as my stage name (Tawana Lael)

What is your career  that you’d like to discuss?

I am a full time singer /songwriter/Actress now, but I used to be a NYC Police Officer.

Where did you study this craft and for how long?

I went to High School in New York (Talented Unlimited) where I studied Musical Theatre

How long have you been involved in your career ?

I’ve been singing  and performing since I was a little girl.

What are some things that you’ve done with regard to your career?

I recently started my own Record Label and executively produced 2 albums entitled “Journey To Love” and “A Brand New Day”. My sophomore CD “A Brand New Day” was recognized in 11 categories in the 57th Annual Grammy Awards. It has also been added to Pandora’s rotation.

As a child what did you want to be when you grew up?

As a child I wanted to be a lawyer.

What was your neighborhood like when you were a child and how did it impact your career or hobby?

I lived in East New York with my mom, but I spent every weekend and every summer at my Grandmother’s house in Sumner Projects. We played hopscotch, jump rope, skelly. The summers were filled with big park jams and Rap was new and fresh. I sang on the Church choir and also in a group. I loved to dance and mimic Janet Jackson.  Life was so much fun! When I heard Whitney Houston sing, I wanted to be just like her.

Are there some issues going on in the world today that challenge you?

I am challenged by a few issues in the world today, but what is most conflicting is the constant exposure of police brutality on young African American men, both young and old. Being a retired police officer, I understand the dangers of the street and the fear that comes with it, but these recent cases have me conflicted.

I hope my music reflects positivity and empowerment. I am working on music that reflect my feelings about the fallen young black men.

What does this form of self-expression do for you?

If I can help one person feel uplifted with my music, I have served my purpose.

Of the projects that you are currently working on now, which ones are you at liberty to discuss?

I am currently working on new music for my third CD project, and I also working on the video for my single “Taking Back My Power”.

What do you see yourself doing in about 3 years from now?

In about three years I hope to sign my first artist to my Label, Win a Grammy, and Star in a feature film. I believe in reaching high for my dreams, because I believe that we create our own destiny by speaking abundance into our lives.


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